Behind the Wheel - AjayDeepa
Welcome to Ajay and Deepa's Behind the Wheel site. This is our endeavor to get our travelogues out to the world. After our splendid trip to Rajasthan, we now bring you our latest one to Kerala. Enjoy!!!

Click on any of these images to follow us as we get behind the wheel and drive...

Rajasthan - the Royal State!! We went there with the Troop (both our parents). We saw some really interesting sights. Click here to jump into this colorful trip.
In the month of May 2013, Arnav and we both toured the US western and mountain regions. We were on the road for about 30 days. This is BTW 2013. Dont miss the pictures from Montanaaah!!!
Behind the Wheel 2000! We were on the road for about 40 days traveling the United States in the year 2000. Read all bout it here!!!
Letters from Alaska - click on the image on the right to check out our trip to the far far away cold land!
Hawaii a photo tour - see beaches, volcanoes and the vegetation. Interestingly the rich colours start right with the airlines that is if you are traveling by Hawaiian! Check the photos out to believe that one.
Europe is a continent of variety. In a distance of a few hundred miles, one gets to see a lot of countries and lifestypes. Click on this image to travel through Europe - we go through fun and frolic of 7 countries!