The BTW Weekly Log: Week 1

Begin Day #1

Quick Stats for today:

Today was: Aug 31st 2000 
Day Number: 1
Miles Travelled: 140
Region Travelling in:  Pennsylvania Dutch Cntry
Approx Money Spent: $85

For the Lazy Ones who can read through:

BTW starts !! Started around 8am after all the packing and what not. Initiallly the stuff didnt seem to fit in the car. Now things are comfortaaably in. The first site we started with was the Venkateshwara temple ( On such a trip you never want to take risks :-) Keep all the gods pleased...

By the time we hit the interstate out side of the NJ suburbs traffic had mellowed down. We saw lone RVs and lazy drivers going past. The scene was so laid back that we saw this car broken down on the shoulder... A lady by the side clipping her nails !! Theres a hint as what to do when you are waiting for the tow crews to arrive to get your car...

The amish country in PA was our destination for today. We visited a place called the amish farm and house. Though it is situated right next to the mall with walmart and the like, it still has its quaint look. The tour was ok a $6.95 per head. We also took a ride in a buggy, sort of like a tonga in India. The more we saw the amish people the more we thought "oh that is what we do in India" :-). By the way did we mention the splendid celebration lunch we had at Cracker Barrel. BTW 2000 had started !

Stay to night was at a Travel Inn. A gujju owned - not really scary, but a decent motel.

SOTD (Saying Of The Day):

You got to start big !

 End Day #1


 Begin Day #2

Quick Stats for today:

Today was: September 1st 2000 
Day Number: 2
Miles Travelled: 290
Region Travelling in:  PA into Ohio
Approx Money Spent: $60

For the Lazy Ones who can read through:

Today was a bit of a driving day. However we had lunch at a nice state park in PA: S.B.Elliot state park. A very serene and a calm place. The hum of our camping stove cooking noodles was the only sound other than the local fauna. The state park funda is a very good one - in the sense that they are free and for public usage. Moreover they are clean and pure. Water and facilities are available. Lots of preserving of open space means preserving these state parks.

We started off today with heavy rains - ultimate heavy. Our board on the rear of the car (oh we have one that displays stuff about our trip) was soaked. It was foolish of us to leave it out in the rain when it was not rain proof. We are looking to repair it.

One of the interesting things on the road is we saw this big truck-trailer that looked like it was involved in an accident and had slid off the road. However people had used it - there were advertisements drawn on it. Hats off to you big corporations :-)

We reached ohio and camped in a place called streetsboro. The camp ground, Mar-Lynn park, was beyond description. It had three lakes on the premises. Our tent was pitched next to one of them. We liked the site so much that we stayed here 2 days. It had clean bathrooms, nice walk ways, nice people and out of all the things Internet access !!. However we discovered that late...


SOTD (Saying Of The Day):

When you are a visitor park in the visitor's parking lot.

End Day #2


Begin Day #3

Quick Stats for today:

Today was: September 2nd 2000 
Day Number: 3
Miles Travelled: 22 (hardly travelled)
Region Travelling in:  Ohio
Approx Money Spent: $95

For the Lazy Ones who can read through:

This was one of those days where you say "hey I like this place, lets spend another day here". First of all as we said we had liked the camping site. Next we discovered Sea World next to it. So we rolled up our sleeves and planned to tackle Sea World.

We started with a water sport show: two teams were competing each other in several games. Water skiing, barefoot skiing, acrobatics, water scooter racing etc were on the menu. It was a fun 20 minutes spent. The next was a dog-cats-pigs-ducks show. Some of the things they did were hilarious. The most notable point was that part of the show the trainer was not on the stage. The next show was a 4-D movie - the fourth dimension being touch. Water was sprinkled on the audience, giving the pirates show a near realistic feeling. The final show was one including a couple of whales - shamu and namu. The next amazingly good (some of the audience in the front row may not agree with us - with all the water that was splashed on them). Finally we walked to the new orleans square. There were street performers, musicians and what not, in mardi-graas style. Small but good.

We came back to the camp exhausted and had just enough strength to cook a mexican rice dish and crash to bed.

SOTD (Saying Of The Day):

Wish we had more money :-)

End Day #3

Begin Day #4

Quick Stats for today:

Today was: September 3rd 2000 
Day Number: 4
Miles Travelled: 400
Region Travelling in:  Fantastic Indiana Farmlands
Approx Money Spent: $110

For the Lazy Ones who can read through:

We finally said good bye to our dear camp ground and travelled west. One thing we did here was that we left I-80 and took the local roads through Cleaveland city along Lake Eirie. The drive was excellent - dotted mostly by farms claiming to sell fresh produce. We stopped at East Harbor state park to cook lunch and then proceeded to see the Prehistoric Park. It has a mystery hill with one of those mystery spots where you feel you are falling standing straight. The prehistoric park, consisting of dinosaur models (badly needing a repair) was not upto the $6.95 that was charged.

Then we proceeded to see the pretty Marblehead lighthouse. Of all the lighthouses we have seen this stands out. Though the park around it is not that great, the rennovated building is just perfect.

After the lighthouse, we started cruising west again. As we turned a corner we saw a long line of cars and the road in front of us was jutting out vertically pointing towards the sky! Deepa, who was behind the wheel was wondering how the hell our car would climb it! As we After a few moments the draw bridge went down and we crossed over :-). rolled out into the country we noticed one more curious thing. The houses were on the left hand side of the road whereas their respective mailboxes were on the right ! Probably it has got to do something with the postal route.

Further we crossed over to Indiana. The sun was setting infront of us. Farms, mostly amish, were wizzing past us. Expecting to have a nice sunset, we bailed out of I-80 yet again and started driving local roads. We had a motel booked for the night - so we could go later. This was one of the best drives we ever did. Amidst the corn fields, we drove on and on. At a couple of places we saw some of them buggies clip-clopping by. It was just too good. After the long drive we settled into a comfortable Motel 6.

SOTD (Saying Of The Day):

Go off the interstate and you will see more

End Day #4

That brings us to the end of week 1. We travelled 850 miles in this week and spent 350 $. It has been fun right upto the hilt. Goin' behind the wheel
Ajay n Deepa
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