BTW PicPage: Week 6

California (cont'd)

We continue with the pictures of California...

We start off with a pic where our CRV is zooming off from the deserts to the Sierra Nevada mountains (in the back drop here).

The scenery suddenly changes to mountains, lakes, greenery and the like. We are entering Yosemite NP. Here is the Tenaya lake at Yosemite Natioal Park, CA

The reflection of one of the highest peaks in Yosemite.

View of the stone walled peaks from Glacier Point in Yosemite, NP, CA. This is one of the best sunset points in the park.

Deepa strikes a pose in front of the tall Yosemite mountains and forests. Yosemite NP, CA

Yosemite houses some of the marvellous giants - The Redwood trees. Here is a bunch of them as they rise more than 300ft into the air. Yosemite NP, CA

The sun sets over the Yosemite valley. The valley is sorrounded by these majestic peaks. The colours of the evening dances on these peaks. Yosemite, CA

The sun is almost down - Ajay strikes a silhouette pose as the colours fade into the night. Yosemite, CA is one of best places to spend/watch a sunset...

We are now looking at one of the most visited places in California. The Hearst Castle. This is the Roman style swimming pool built in front of the castle. Shows you how to use money when you have tons of it :-).

Another side of the swimming pool !

We are now looking at a pool that is indoors and studded with gold and precious stones. The water is so still that its hard to notice.

One of the master bedrooms in Hearst Castle. Richness defined :-)

Unfortunately we could not get good pics of the castle from the outside since it was cloudy and foggy. Not very suitable for outdoor photos...

We have some pictures from a consequent trip to San Diego after BTW 2000. These pictures are not really from BTW 2000, but we have put them here since they show CA coast well and what better ending for a photo journey spanning coast to coast, than that ?? !!

The San Diego downtown - its a pretty place. (Not from BTW trip)

Palm trees rise towards the sky in a San Diego suburb.

One of the goat herds in the famous San Diego animal park. (Not from the BTW trip)

We are suckers for Light houses. This one is from Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego CA. The evening we spent here we were rewarded thousand times over for the sunset...(Not from the BTW trip)

We finally leave you with this great california sunset picture from the Cabrillo National monument at San Diego, CA. The sun sets on the BTW 2000 trip. But of course it will rise again on another one !!

Thats all folks ! Thank you all again for following the BTW 2000 journey through the photographs. We hope that you enjoyed the photos and the trip as much as we did... We would love to hear from you - please send us e-mail See you again some other place, some other time -

Behind The Wheel !

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