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Our local library was scanned from top to bottom. We read a lot of stuff, but here is a small list that we remember. Its kind of hard to remember all the books we read, but theres just too many of them around...

Internet Sites

This section is a the comprehensive set of web pages that we were researching as the story unfolded. Some of them were suggested by other folks. But we did take at least a peek at most of the sites. A small comment on the right says what we think of the sites. As all lazy folks, we were not zealous enough to write all the things that were going on in our heads. Thus the comments might be pretty stunted - however the list of sites is pretty comprehensive.

General Sites  Lists facts about states  Information on attractions statewise  Great outdoors page. Real information about outdooring.Real nice site. Must explore it fully. Also has links to great sites  Health related stuffon travelling...  A list of off beat attractions... Yes its from the same publishers from the book  A list of byways searchable by state features etc These folks send you an US map about the bywasy listed. Lonely Planet guides to most countries.  America's Best Online - the best zoo -etc  Destination guides and information state wise  The national parks site - has a comprehensive list of all national monuments in America.

Staying And Eating  FAQ and guide to hostels across the world  Travel-info. This site is being updated

Travel Tips And Safety  Weather forecasts for US cities  United States Climate Page  Art of Travel: from a book mostly on international travel. How can you keep yourself safe on travel...  Free Travel Tips for all kinds travel  Free Hotel Motel Discount Coupons @ exitguide  Free Hotel Motel Discount Coupons  Very good travel info on USA and Canada. Has a good faq and set of resources.

Tripping Across America And Travelogues  How did Andy Koransky do his trip across the USA? One of those no nonsense sites. + others Not much impressionalble.  Travelogue: Road Tripping across the USA  Travelogue: RoadTrip 99  Travelogue: Henry's trip across USA  Travelogue: Road Trip America  Travelogue: at  Travel Library lots of good travelogues. A must for any travel at all.  WorldWander destination guides  Muzi Net Information  American Road Journal  On The Road Again. Great travel advice.

Information On USA  USA in a nutshell from the CIA fact book.  The USA destination guide at Lonely planet. Good concise reading. Again a must for new travellers into the country.

Regional Destinations

According To State

In this section we list a set of destinations that we were looking at as we researched our route. The section is listed state wise. It contains destinations, scenic drives on and around the route we planned and not any of the other states

National Landmarks

Here is a list of United States National Landmarks. This list was obtained from National Parks Service. We then sorted out the stuff that lies in and around our approximate route. Its gross but gives a good comprehensive list. As always we are not sure what we will be visiting...

Note: The list is sorted on the state names on the right and then on the name of the area within a category.

Name of the Area                                  State 


Wilson's Creek                                     Missouri      

Big Hole                                           Montana       

Fort Necessity                                     Pennsylvania  


Fort Bowie                                         Arizona       

Hubbell Trading Post                               Arizona       

Eugene O'Neil                                      California    

Fort Point                                         California    

John Muir                                          California    

Manzanar                                           California    

Bent's Old Fort                                    Colorado      

Lincoln Home                                       Illinois      

Herbert Hoover                                     Iowa          

Harry S. Truman                                    Missouri      

Ulysses S. Grant                                   Missouri      

Grant-Kohrs Ranch                                  Montana       

Fort Union Trading Post                            Montana-North Dakota

Knife River Indian Villages                        North Dakota  

James A. Garfield                                  Ohio          

William Howard Taft                                Ohio          

Allegheny Portage Railroad                         Pennsylvania  

Edgar Allen Poe                                    Pennsylvania  

Eisenhower                                         Pennsylvania  

Friendship Hill                                    Pennsylvania  

Hopewell Furnace                                   Pennsylvania  

Steamtown                                          Pennsylvania  

Minuteman Missile                                  South Dakota  

Golden Spike                                       Utah          

Fort Laramie                                       Wyoming       


Tumacacori                                         Arizona       

San Francisco Maritime                             California    

Nez Perce                                          Idaho         

George Rogers Clark                                Indiana       

Chaco Culture                                      New Mexico    

Pecos                                              New Mexico    

Dayton Aviation                                    Ohio          

Hopewell Culture                                   Ohio          

Independence                                       Pennsylvania  

Valley Forge                                       Pennsylvania  


Indiana Dunes                                      Indiana       


Coronado                                           Arizona       

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial              Illinois-Missouri

Lincoln Boyhood                                    Indiana       

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial   Ohio          

Johnstown Flood                                    Pennsylvania  

Thaddeus Kosciuszko                                Pennsylvania  

Mount Rushmore                                     South Dakota  


Gettysburg                                         Pennsylvania  


Canyon de Chelly NM                                Arizona       

Casa Grande                                        Arizona       

Chiricahua                                         Arizona       

Hohokam Pima                                       Arizona       

Montezuma Castle                                   Arizona       

Navajo                                             Arizona       

Organ Pipe Cactus                                  Arizona       

Pipe Spring                                        Arizona       

Sunset Crater Volcano                              Arizona       

Tonto                                              Arizona       

Tuzigoot                                           Arizona       

Walnut Canyon                                      Arizona       

Wupatki                                            Arizona       

Devils Postpile                                    California    

Lava Beds                                          California    

Muir Woods                                         California    

Pinnacles                                          California    

Colorado                                           Colorado      

Florissant Fossil Beds                             Colorado      

Great Sand Dunes                                   Colorado      

Yucca House                                        Colorado      

Dinosaur                                           Colorado-Utah 

Hovenweep                                          Colorado-Utah 

Craters of the Moon                                Idaho         

Hagerman Fossil Beds                               Idaho         

Effigy Mounds                                      Iowa          

Grand Portage                                      Minnesota     

Pipestone                                          Minnesota     

George Washington Carver                           Missouri      

Little Bighorn Battlefield                         Montana       

Cabrillo                                           NM-California 

Agate Fossil Beds                                  Nebraska      

Homestead NM of America                            Nebraska      

Scotts Bluff                                       Nebraska      

Aztec Ruins                                        New Mexico    

Bandelier                                          New Mexico    

Capulin Volcano                                    New Mexico    

El Malpais                                         New Mexico    

El Morro                                           New Mexico    

Fort Union                                         New Mexico    

Gila Cliff Dwellings                               New Mexico    

Petroglyph                                         New Mexico    

Salinas Pueblo Missions                            New Mexico    

White Sands                                        New Mexico    

Jewel Cave                                         South Dakota  

Cedar Breaks                                       Utah          

Natural Bridges                                    Utah          

Rainbow Bridge                                     Utah          

Timpanogos Cave                                    Utah          

Devils Tower                                       Wyoming       

Fossil Butte                                       Wyoming       


Grand Canyon                                       Arizona       

Petrified Forest                                   Arizona       

Black Canyon of the Gunnison                       CO            

Channel Islands                                    California    

Joshua Tree                                        California    

Kings Canyon                                       California    

Lassen Volcanic                                    California    

Redwood                                            California    

Saguaro                                            California    

Sequoia                                            California    

Yosemite                                           California    

Death Valley                                       California-Nevada

Mesa Verde                                         Colorado      

Rocky Mountain                                     Colorado      

Voyageurs                                          Minnesota     

Glacier                                            Montana       

Great Basin                                        Nevada        

Carlsbad Caverns                                   New Mexico    

Theodore Roosevelt                                 North Dakota  

Badlands                                           South Dakota  

Wind Cave                                          South Dakota  

Arches                                             Utah          

Bryce Canyon                                       Utah          

Canyonlands                                        Utah          

Capitol Reed                                       Utah          

Zion                                               Utah          

Grand Teton                                        Wyoming       

Yellowstone                                        Wyoming-Montana-Idaho


John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway           Wyoming       


Mojave                                             California    


Glen Canyon                                        Arizona-Utah  

Golden Gate                                        California    

Santa Monica Mountains                             California    

Curecanti                                          Colorado      

Bighorn Canyon                                     Montana-Wyoming

Lake Mead                                          Nevada-Arizona

Cuyahoga Valley                                    Ohio          

Whiskeytown Unit Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity        California    


City of Rocks                                      Idaho         


Mississippi National River and Recreation Areas    Minnesota     

Ozark National Scenic Riverways                    Missouri      

Niobrara National Scenic River                     Nebraska-South Dakota


Point Reyes                                        California    


Missouri National Recreation River                 Nebraska-South Dakota


Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial      California    

Chicago Portage National Historic Site             Illinois      

Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Illinois      

Chimney Rock National Historic Site                Nebraska      

International Peace Garden                         North Dakota-Manitoba

David Berger National Memorial                     Ohio          

Benjamin Franklin National Memorial                Pennsylvania  

Delaware & Lehigh Navigation Canal National Heritage Corridor Pennsylvania  

Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Church National Historic Site Pennsylvania

BTW Tips For The Traveller

In this section we list a set of notes that we made along the way on our research. Reading through this gives one a perspective of how we went through. Also we expect that the notes will be of help for similar projects. Most of these points were jotted down when we were going through the sites mentioned in the section before. Go Back