Letters From Alaska
Tuesday, Sep 4 2001
Anchorage, AK

Dear Parents,

Hmmmm... its the last day in Alaska :-(. Yes its tough to leave this place. We got up at 6:30 am again today. We did not have any bookings today, but we wanted to cover a lot of ground. The breakfast at the Hutch was supposed to start at 7 am. But we found no people up by then - probably it was the weather, rainy and wet, perfect for sleeping late. We went into the kitchen and attacked the fridge and fed ourselves. We had to get coffee later on the road.

We drove towards the town of Seward. We were headed towards the Exit glacier. This glacier is one of the most accessible ones. We could easily hike up to the very base of the glacier. It was but natural to break up a bit of ice and taste it :-). The bluish green of the glacier is really mesmerizing. It was hard to leave the site. We really felt bad that we did not have the time to hike up the Harding ice field trail - about 7 miles round trip. Plans for another Alaska trip were forming right then and there. For Exit Glacier pics click here.

We then headed back to Anchorage. The trees were then turning colours - fall was approching fast. The drive back on the Kenai peninsula was as beautiful as always - until this slow car almost stopped traffic. He was trailed by a line of N cars, yet he was not using a turnout to let the traffic go past him. The rain did not add much fun. Deepa wanted to honk at him - Ajay meanwhile wanted to see whales at Beluga point. None of them happened. Finally Deepa hit the accelrator and overtook the pain - literally. We were in Anchorage soon. We wanted to visit the Alaska Heritage Center there. But before that we confirmed that our flight was on time. For the first time we were feeling like our flight should get delayed !!! Well, for the first time it was on time - aw shucks. In any case we went into the Heritage center. Its a very well set place. We saw another Inupiat dance performance. This time it was prettier since they had better costumes. We also attended a story telling session. Finally we had to rush back to the airport.

Got back to the airport, returned the rental car and checked into the flight - seems easy ? Well not so in Anchorage !! We had our last minute tension as usual :-)). They had lot of construction at the car return place - so we had been delayed. Next it was not like other rental returns. First your park your car in some unknown place, lock it, then take a shuttle to the airport, find the car rental and return the keys there ! Fortunately on the way we found a curb side checkin where we got our boarding passes. The flight started on the dot. We had to leave Alaska - the land of beautiful sunsets. Well we could see one even from our plane as it took to the skies.

We reached San Francisco without events and took a taxi home. As always we would love to return to Alaksa - we know that will happen some time. Until then we will continue with these photo memories clasped close to our hearts ! It was a pleasure writing to you all from Alaska. Hope you folks enjoyed this trip as much as we did.

Keep emailing (email: ajaydeepa_deshpande@yahoo.com). Warmest love to all folks back home.

Yours affectionately,
Ajay n Deepa

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