The Big Island of Hawaii - A Photo Tour

The first thing we did on the Big Island is take an air tour of the
current volcanic activity.

The next thing you do is take the roadtrip into the live volcano.
This is a special drive (where else can you drive into a live volcano?)

The black rock, the sulphur fumes and the erie landscape - all display
themselves here. This is Mt Kilauea volcano

Then this experience of walking through a volcanic tube.
This was the Thurston volcanic tube.

Ajay prepares for a photograph, but Deepa has already taken it.
The artist in Deepa comes alive!

Finally the picture for which we had hiked for an hour on rough volcanic terrain.
This is about the closest you can get to flowing lava if you are not a geologist.

Spot the person in this picture. The volcanic soil
is so fertile that forests can grow on it easily.

After the volcanoes it is the famous black sand beach at Punaluu state park

Ajay at black sand beach.

And now, Deepa modelling at black sand beach

We further drove up to the Kona coast.
This place is famous for Kona coffee. Here you see the coffee fruits.

Now, its the sunset time at the Kona coast.

Its so beautiful!

The grandest sunset of all

We now proceed to the resort, where we were staying

The lobby spelled luxury everywhere

One of the views from our room in the resort

The other view from our room

We could walk down to this enchanting beach.

Guess who it is again :-)

More modelling Hawaiian style I

More modelling Hawaiian style II :-)

After Kona, we headed back to the eastern side of
the Big Island. This is the famous Waipio valley.

Who would expect Hawaii to be full of ranch lands and cowboys.

Smile, your picture is being taken :)

We next headed out to the Akaka falls state park.
The rivulet flowing through this park makes beautiful landskapes.

The Akaka falls itself towers over 400 feet.

Bamboo groves, moss covered leaves and heavy rain. Thats tropics for you.

We next headed out to the botanical gardens, north of the town of Hilo.

Its a (palm) jungle out there.

Its all flowers now.

Tropical flower I

Tropical flower II

Hawaii is also famous for Orchids. Orchid I

Orchid II

Orchid III

Deepa poses in front of the falls in the garden

We leave the Big Island with this picture of the milky waterfalls.

In all we felt that the Big Island was like taking Tilari and Terekoal and multiplying them a hundred folds. Unfortunately, only the people who visited these places will know what we mean.

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