Maui - A Photo Tour

Hookipa Beach, Northern Maui. Ajay strikes a pose.

The famous Road to Hana or
Hana Highway is numerous hairpin turns sorrounded by LUSH greenery like this.

You do see lots of plots with farms growing tropical stuff like this one.

Our first day of stay in Hawaii!!
typical tropical cozy placein Hana. Mountain crips air, Birds in the background,
hot coffee in the foreground :-)

Waterfalls! well in Hawaii these are abundant
- we literally saw hundreds.

Man this was heaven!
Lots of water, lots of sun, lots of greenery,
in short lots of every good thing - thats Hawaii

This is where the river above after many waterfalls joins the sea.
This was Kipahulu.

Water and Sun is when the kids come out to play!

Greenery is when kids...:-)

Pahalwaan Paaapanna!!

Hawaii also has an abundance of mosquitos :-).
Hike and Scratch is the idea.

Deepa strikes a pose in the sunset in the town of Lahina.
The smile on her face is because of the mouth-watering
Tofu Kabob you get here!

Finally the biggest banyan tree in United States -
the whole thing behind us, almost 1.5 acres is what we heard...

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