Oahu - A Photo Tour

Oahu beckons you with emerald green waters, blue skies and lots of resorts. Oahu literally means the place where you gather
- and indeed most of it is a place where you bump into lots of people and concrete jungle :-)

Lots of people, but hey, they are all good :).

More flowers I

More berries I :-)

More flowers II

More flowers III

More flowers IV

More flowers V

A nice day at the beach

Hula is the traditional dance of the Hawaiians. Its a great experience to watch the performers.
We were lucky to get a performance at international shopiing center.
Food and entertainment at one place!

The Polynesian Culutural Center is another great place that one should not miss
on the Island of Oahu. They display lots of stuff regarding eight different cultures here.
The shows here are absolutely fantastic.

We spent a fabulous day at this place and a day is not enough.
This is a scene from the grande finale.

A drummer from the island of Tonga goes Boom Boom.
Due to less light we could get only a few pictures, but got a lot of video...

We finally leave Oahu with this picture of the great pineapples at the the
Dole Pineapple plantation. Its interesting to visit this - at the least you learn
how to pick a ripe pineapple.

Hope you enjoyed this photo tour. Hawaii is a great experience, more so with its great friendly people. Close this window after you are done with these photos. You should still have the home window open.

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