Behind The Wheel 2000 !!!


What we are doing

In simple words we are going to drive from coast to coast across the vast United States of America !!! We live in New Jersey on the east coast of the United States and are moving to the west coast. We are planning to use this opportunity to drive down all the way. The journey would take us across almost 4500 miles (approx 7000 kilometers). We would be able to experience the varied cultures and terrains of the United States. Our companion would be our trusted Honda CRV hauling us all over the place - kind of a moving home for all this time.
Our trusted Honda CR-V ! Click here image to see a rear view.

How it happened: The Past

As we already mentioned, since we have been married it was on the top of our laundry list of things to do !! However this year things took a turn and we landed up at this point. One of the foremost reasons was the weather !! The winter of 1999 (in the northeast) was bad for both of us - not that it snowed a lot, but it was the wind. Well, we love to curl up with a warm cup of tea when it snows; we also love to play in the snow - ski, snow tube and all that. In short, we love the snow - but only when we want it ;-) !

After we came out of the winter of 1999, we told ourselves its time to explore more of America. At the same time we were also looking out for better career opportunities. We put the two and two together and made four !!! We decided one fine day (26th Apr 2000) that we are moving to somewhere else in the USA. So we started poring over maps and books alike and interviewed like crazy.

We were working for Lucent Technologies and AT&T when we were in New Jersey. Two companies from California came forward to give us our daily bread - Silicon Graphics Inc and DoubleClick Inc. So we shifted gears and decided to move. We also are going to use this opportunity to tour the United States. That brings us to where we are today!

But why are you doing this ?

Because we get a kick out of traveling ;-) ! In other words we like to travel. We also want to experience the american landscape. If given a chance we would be traveling all the time and seeing places  in the USA. But unfortunately we have to develop software for a living. So all we could do is afford this vacation between jobs. Travel maketh a wiser man!

Related to travel is also our passion for photography. From this trip we are expecting to be at the right place at the right moment to record photographs. Hopefully we will be able to get all these photographs on the web soon enough for you folks to see.  Stay tuned!

We would also like to do our  bit to spread the awareness about open space preservation. In fact this trip is endorsed by the Open Space Foundation Please visit their site to know more about them. Kudos to guys at Open Space for taking up such a fabulous job. We are hoping that lots of people will see the signs on our car and will realize the importance of preserving open space. You know, we have to do our bit to leave behind a better planet!

We are also challenging ourselves by jumping into this adventure. Life on the road has a lot of risks. Can we get there ? There is no way to tell unless you start. So, we are starting soon.

Thanks to Brian Lucas - this page is now listed on the Rec.Travel Library. Please visit their website for other interesting stories like ours. Brian, we really appreciate the work you have put in your site !!

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