Letters From Alaska
Sunday, Sep 2 2001
Denali NP, AK

Dear Parents,

We were bright and ealry again at 6:30 am. In spite of that we were fresh, probably it was the crisp mountain air. We had breakfast at our hotel, though it was costly, it was sumptuous. Denali National Park is a beautiful place. The Alaska Range that we saw a couple of days back is a part of the National Park. One unpaved road takes you through the entire park. They do not allow private cars. Hence, we had booked a couple of seats on the park shuttle. That day we were joined by a jolly driver who made our shuttle trip interesting. We spent almost 9 hours on the trip.

The weather was not that great, slightly cold. We were fools to forget our big jackets. Hence we were mostly in and around the shuttle. No hiking! The driver began to give us lots of details of Denali NP as we rumbled through the park. Mount McKinley which we had seen a couple of days back is the highest mountain in North America. Soon after we were in the park, the first "stop" shout emanated from the bus. Somebody had spotted wild life. We started with a Moose sighting. Later we saw wolves, bears, caribou, dall-sheep. A couple of wolves, a bear and a couple of caribous were really close. The rest of them were at a distance but our vantage point being in the tall bus helped. For Denali NP pics click here.

The shuttle stopped at the Eilson visitor center before turning back. We saw more wild life on the way back too. Finally, after the tour we were back on the road in our warm car at around 4:30 pm. After a four hour rainy drive we reached Anchorage for sunset. Alaska is a land of vistas and sunsets! This sunset was as amazing as always. We had dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant. The hot soup really warmed the chilled bones as it was drizzling outside.

We had a good night sleep at John's again.

Yours affectionately,
Ajay n Deepa

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