Photos From Alaska

Welcome to the photo pages for our Alaska trip. Please note that these photos are not in the chronological order. Related geographies are put together. Hope you enjoy them !!

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Photos from Anchorage

Kind of fooled you :-) These two pics were actually taken in California. But right on the day we were headed out to Alaska - the land of grand sunsets !

Deepa strikes a pose in the sunset

The Inupiat Eskimos perform their traditional dance at the Alaska Heritage Center in Anchorage, under a colourful map of their state.

Sun throws its golden glow into the sky ! This was the last one we witnessed as we left Alaska.

Another sunset at Anchorage.

Yet another view...

Photos from Barrow

Barrow is a great Eskimo settlement. You kind of see whale bones everywhere in the land. Ajay stands between the jaw bones of a whale - kind of gives an idea how big a whale would be.

Yet another set of whale jaw bones - the two of us are dwarfed by their size.

There are no paved roads in Barrow, Alaska but there are cars !! Well you dont have to register them however - see no license plates.

Deepa strikes a pose in one of the traditional alaskan dress - well it was a simple jacket :-)

Deepa runs away from a cold arctic wave - it matters even if it was 2 inches high :-)

Is that a was replica of an eskimo ? Nope - she was as real as the cigarette she was smoking before posing for the picture. Interesting pose.

Oh my my - that was a cute little baby eskimo. Very active indeed !

Look at how they build houses in Barrow. A house stands atop pillars, the floor being about two feet above the ground. This is done not to let the heat from the house un-freeze the ground below (which by the way will set the house sinking.

Huskies are the best friends of Eskimoes - heres one.

Barrow is full of sign posts like this one. North pole is only about 1250 miles from here !

Another of the sign posts - interesting distances.

A Totempole marks an event for the Alaskans. Guess what event this one marks ? The arrival of the flush toilet in Barrow !

Welcome to Barrow !

Denali National Park - Photos

The next set of pics are from Denali NP. This is Mt McKinley the highest peak in N.America. No wonder its called Denali - the tall one

Another view of the tall one, Mt McKinley.

The mountain range here is called the Alaska Range

A snow fed river snakes its way through the mountains.

The shuttle bus we travelled in, into the park.

A large caribou made its way into our view.

The Denali lodge sits on top of the mountain ledges.

A Moose pose ! shows off its large white antlers.

A glacier silt filled river is seen from our aerial view.

Snow capped mountains.

Oh what a view !

This was a stupendous snow capped mountain range.

No words !

Can see a glacier path way here... As the glacier moves it cuts through the mountains and makes these path ways.

More snow capped peaks.

More snow capped peaks and glaciers.

Another glacial pathway. Cant say which is the best picture, but this one is definitely up there.

Photos of Eklutna

The Eklutna lake - the far side mountains were snow covered.

Photos of Exit Glacier

Berries grow on the path way to Exit Glacier.

Deepa strikes a pose in front of the cold Exit Glacier. This is one of the most accessble glaciers. You can walk up and eat the ice that was probably formed thousands of years ago.

Fall colours come out at Exit Glacier.

More fall colours...

Photos From Fairbanks

Our Alaska Airlines flight is ready to leave from Fairbanks to Barrow. It was parked on the tarmac and you board like you do a bus back home :-).

That evening just outside Fairbanks the sky was literally on fire !! Here are the pics we got from there. It was an amazing sight all right.

We kept looking and clicking until the sun went down.

A car on the road below...

Kenai Peninsula Photos

The serene Kenai lake glistens in the morning light.

The Portage Glacier view on the way to the town of Whittier.

Snow capped peaks in the Prince William Sound.

Food was good on our cruise boat. Deepa seems pretty content with it :-).

Prince William Sound is a place where the majestic mountains rise tall right from the sea. Lots of the glaciers here flow into the sea. Deepa poses in front of one of them.

A solid wall of ice - this glacier.

As it flows into the sea it glows.

Ajay in front of those snow capped mountains...

The ships moving at 50 mph - brrr it was cold.

The Harriman glacier - one of the most beautiful of them all.

Yet another view.

The cruise ship we travelled in - The Klondike Express. It was actually a catamaran.

A place with a view.

And we buzz off at 50 mph away from the glacier.

More snow caps :-).

Yet another view of Prince William Sound.

They take the boat so close to the glacier that you can hear the ice crashing into the water. Then it floats in big chunks on the water.

More views...

More ice in water.

Probably the best picture of Prince William Sound...

A picture of both of us at the glaciers !

Talkeetna Photos

This building is on the highway on the way to the town of Talkeetna. Probably it was built so that the visitors dont get sad not seeing any Igloos in Alaska. Dont get mistaken - this one is a rest stop with gas and snacks :-)

What a name to give to a creek ! Troublesome creek. Wonder what kind of troubles it has inflicted on the local population :-).

Thats the end of Photos from Alaska, folks ! We would always love to hear from you - uSe the link below to send us email.

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